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Unless you are a company secretarial firm, as we are, corporate secretarial services are not your core business.

At LBA, we have a team of chartered secretaries and Advocates ready to provide you with professional company secretarial support, to allow you focus on your core business.

Whether it be in the financial services industry, energy sector, public sector or private sector, our chartered secretaries will provide the following services amongst others:

  • Governance and legal advisory services to your Board of Directors, governors, commissioners, executive council amongst others and shareholders;
  • Set and manage your annual board work plans and calendars.
  • Plan, co-ordinate and implement your board & shareholder events and meetings.
  • Follow up implementation of your Board’s decisions.
  • Manage your statutory compliance obligations.
  • Manage your minutes and board report writing.
  • Records management and archival.
  • Corporate secretarial support during Board and General meetings.
  • Train your executive team in strategic report writing
  • Manage secretariats for national and international organizations
  • Manage secretariat administration tasks like organizing board meetings & events, minute taking, report writing, amongst others, so that in-house Company Secretaries can focus on their most critical role of being advisors to the board of directors.