Intermediary & Mature Boards Programme (IGBP)

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High performing boards are learning boards. Research and experience have shown that Boards that are often trained are more involved, discerning, inquisitive and strategic in their thinking and counsel.

Consistent training in governance makes average and good boards exceptional. 

Learning and Development are our key focus areas under the IGBP programme. We provide governance support to established and mature boards looking to improve their skills and strategic effectiveness.

We offer the following services under this programme:

  • Director recruitment and pool management
  • Board Induction Management
  • Continuous training and skilling in the critical areas of strategy oversight and execution, risk oversight, audit & assurance, human capital strategy, change management, governance amongst others.
  • Board and Committee Chairperson training Programme
  • Board Performance evaluations 
  • Board score-card setting and management
  • Team building and board dynamics Programme
  • Information infrastructure design for Governing boards
  • Annual Board retreat design, coordination and management