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leaders act destructively, with an estimated cost of $l-$2.7 million for each failed senior manager. Over 50% of employees quit their job because of their managers.

Although there is no clear recipe for manipulating the environment in order to boost leadership potential,well-crafted coaching(and training) interventions boost critical leadership competencies by about 20%-30% (Harvard Business Review, September 2016).

LEAD has been designed to empower leaders and aspiring leaders to excel. The course is highly practical and based on the John Maxwell ethos and leadership principles. At the end of the course, participants will be better skilled to effectively lead their teams and organisations in whatever environment and situation.

Our Services include

  • Transform you from a manager into a leader. Motivate your growth in personal power, influence and impact.
  • Empower you with critical interpersonal skills essential for leading others.
  • Equip you with critical skills to build strong, formidable and sustainable teams.
  • Sharpen your decision making and problem-solvng skills.
  • Arm you with the right skills to drive sustainable performance and profitability.
  • Prepare you to take on even higher leadership positions.

Application Procedure

Applications should be submitted at least 2 weeks to the programme. All applications should be made on http://lead.uibfs.or.ug

  • Duration: 6 weeks
  • Start date: March, June and September 2023
  • Fees $1000
    • Early bird registration closes 2 weeks to cohort start
    • Early Bird Registration Fee – $750