Growing Boards Programme (GBP)

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At LBA, we understand that the pain points of a growing board are not the same as those of a mature board. We also understand that corporate governance and its constituents are not a one shoe-size fits all.

As part of our Growing Boards Programme, we handhold new directors and boards of directors through the board growth cycle, with particular emphasis on creation or review and improvement of systems for effective strategic oversight and stakeholder accountability amongst others.

Our services include:

  • Creation or strengthening of systems, policies and infrastructure for effective Board (strategic) oversight.
  • Training on board report structuring and presentation
  • Board assessments and remedial action 
  • Board training and development in the key strategic areas of governance, strategy, risk & assurance, compliance, human capital strategy and financial management amongst others.
  • Board(management) dynamics trainings and facilitation
  • On-call legal and governance advisory services
  • Downstream (management) governance training programme to support Board processes and aspirations